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Job Opportunities

Fundraising jobs with Orchard Fundraising

​Orchard Fundraising continues to expand and is always looking for experienced fundraisers to join the team. Highly flexible, part-time roles across all income streams are available.


We offer fundraising jobs as an Associate of Orchard Fundraising, i.e. as a self-employed sub-contractor. You would sign an enabling contract, initially for 6 months, agreeing on an hourly pay rate and terms and conditions (such as confidentiality.)


As an Associate, we would discuss with you your interests, skills and availability. We would then offer you specific items of work to best match these against the needs of our teams supporting clients. 


We believe that a major attribute of any role is its flexibility and ensuring it fits comfortably into your lifestyle and priorities. Whilst some client and colleague liaison is required, most of the work can be carried out in the comfort of your own home and fit around your other commitments. Hours worked may range from 6 to 24 hours a week and Orchard Fundraising is proud of its highly personable and flexible attitude to its staff and clients.

Before applying for a role with Orchard Fundraising, you should be aware;


  • You will not become a millionaire as a result of your pay from Orchard Fundraising. While we pay high-average market rates, the roles are part-time and more likely to supplement other income than be your primary salary.


  • We pay travel and expenses where appropriate, but not pension contributions or other income. You are responsible for your own tax payments.  


  • The other side of the coin to having a highly flexible work environment is that there may be occasions where we do not have work for you. In practise, most Associates tend to work long term as part of a team supporting an established client and can normally rely on steady and ongoing work. But as a sub-contractor, you have less job security than an employee and we cannot guarantee a level of work.


  • Associates cannot compete with Orchard Fundraising for new business. Some Associates also work for clients directly (as independent fundraisers) but must sign a contract which limits their opportunities to directly compete with Orchard Fundraising in our core markets. 

Current Openings

Fundraising Consultant

We are seeking fundraising consultants to join the team. Consultants with all forms of fundraising experience, including Trusts and Foundations, corporate, digital and individual giving are needed and will be matched to appropriate clients according to skills, interest and availability.

Charity Bid Writer

We are actively seeking bid writers to join our Orchard Fundraising team, where you will be responsible for drafting trust applications on behalf of our charity customers. These roles are tailored to align with your background, skills, and interests, and can be structured to accommodate your availability and aspirations.

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