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Tola Awogbamiye publicity and fundraising consultant OF trusts and foundations corporate fundraising


-  4 years’ experience as a fundraising consultant

- Trusts and Foundations

- Corporate fundraising

- 20+ years’ experience in public relations

- 12 years’ experience as a freelance journalist

Tola Awogbamiye​

Publicity and Fundraising Consultant

Tola is a fundraising consultant at Orchard Fundraising, who has utilised her skills and experience in public relations and journalism to move into a career as a fundraising consultant. 


After graduating with a degree in pharmacology from King’s College, University of London, Tola worked for a healthcare charity, before embarking on a career in public relations. 


Tola began her freelance career 20 years ago, where she combined a career as a freelance journalist with developing and implementing PR strategies for a wide range of organisations including charities and small to medium-sized businesses.


She is also a published journalist and has written articles for The Times, The Guardian, The Evening Standard and Director Magazine. Tola’s experience in PR and journalist has enabled her to successfully move into fundraising. She has developed fundraising strategies for healthcare charities, which has resulted in successful grant applications and new relationships with corporates.


Tola lives in Burgess Hill, and loves reading, cooking and spending time with her family.

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