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Fundraising Strategy

Our approach to your fundraising strategy
Our goal is to help you develop a fundraising strategy that will allow you to generate sustainable funding from the most appropriate income streams, ensuring that once our relationship comes to an end, your income continues.

What we will do

We work with you to devise a fundraising strategy that meets your particular needs.


This is established by taking a step by step approach to each income stream, efficiently generating income and a good return on your investment.


As a result, your organisation will have the funds to flourish, support its beneficiaries and achieve your mission.


Our approach is flexible

  1. Review your past and current fundraising performance by working with your staff, volunteers and trustees.

  2. Assess the potential for your organisation and your fundraising goals.

  3. Ask you how you would like to get there and what you can realistically contribute.

  4. Our experienced consultants will advise you as to what the best approach is for achieving your goals based on their years of practical experience.

  5. Devise and implement a strategy.

We will take into consideration all the above and create a personalised fundraising strategy that fits your organisation. The strategy will be planned thoroughly by our expert fundraising consultants. The strategy will consist of:

  • An outline of all achievable objectives

  • Clearly identify where the funds will come from in the short, medium and long term. 

  • The resources that will be required to implement this strategy

  • Likely return on investment and timeframes for expected income. 

This is a thorough approach, ensuring that  Orchard Fundraising helps you diversify your income base and develop several sustainable income streams which are strategically aligned with your organisational values, wishes and needs.

Why us?

We have worked with education providers,  charities, many other non-profit organisations and our work speaks for itself.

We have years of practical experience in this field and will ensure we offer a range of options and then tailor your fundraising strategy specifically to you.


From past experience, these sources may include government grants, digital/online campaigns, trust and foundation giving, corporate partnerships, individual philanthropy, just to name a few.


We will explore all possible avenues to generate the best possible return on your investment and ensure successful income streams remain long after we are gone.


Think we can help you?

Let's have a chat and see what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

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