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Case Study

Helping charities survive the pandemic

"Orchard Fundraising is an organisation that cares about their clients" - Kay Coombes

Helping charities survive the pandemic

So many small charities are based in the heart of their local community, offering niche activities and services, personal care, and going above and beyond in their support.  Many of us who are linked to a local charity would agree that they have made a huge impact on our lives - whether we benefit from their support and services, volunteer our time, offer financial support or their presence in the community makes the area we live a better place – Covid-19 has highlighted this even further.

Orchard Fundraising responded quickly to the pandemic by offering small charities pro bono fundraising support during the first lockdown.  The Association for Rehabilitation for Communication and Oral Skills (ARCOS) based in Malvern, Worcestershire, was one of our first pro bono clients, we quickly familiarised ourselves with ARCOS’s services and assisted them to bring in emergency funds to cover lost revenue. 


ARCOS is a small charity based in Malvern - offering its services UK-wide,  They work to improve life for children and adults who have communication, eating, drinking, and/or swallowing difficulties. Clients’ conditions are often complex, persist throughout life, and require specialist, long-term treatment. Each year ARCOS directly support around 150 people and their families with therapy, training, information and advice, enabling clients to benefit from the latest advances in knowledge, understanding, skills and technology. 

ARCOS’s core service is face-to-face therapy and training, which could no longer run at full capacity through the pandemic.  They adapted by setting up and offering remote therapy and online advice and support service.  This enabled their clients to continue with vital therapy and also gave carers a place to seek support and advice.

Orchard Fundraising puts a fundraising plan

Lockdown and self-isolation has been incredibly difficult for the ARCOS clients, it has meant they were not receiving their usual face to face interaction with ARCOS staff, which they hugely rely on and benefit from.  Adapting their services meant that many of the ARCOS clients felt less isolated and were able to continue their treatment.

When Orchard Fundraising started working with ARCOS they put a fundraising plan in place.  Extensive research into suitable Trusts and Foundations was completed quickly and applications started almost immediately.  Funds were secured to help support ARCOS’s work through the pandemic.

Over £50,000 was raised in a short amount of time, allowing the charity to continue its support for vulnerable people.




“Orchard fundraising is an organisation that cares about their clients, offering pro-bono support during a crisis shows how they will go the extra mile for charities who really need it.”

- Kay coombes -  Chief Executive at ARCOS

If you have a project which you need to help with through accessing funding from then please do get in touch with us.

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