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Trusts and Foundation Funding

We can help you achieve the targets you need in your funding with our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in trusts and foundations.

How we can help you

Trust and foundation fundraising is one of the most cost-effective ways of raising funds for your charity or organisation, be that revenue or capital.


As well as having extensive knowledge and familiarity of various trusts and the causes they support; Orchard Fundraising also has the added advantage of having established ongoing relationships with the officers and trustees of a number of trusts. This helps with the introduction of our clients and supports their approaches. 


How do we work with you

We can work with you however you prefer, whether that is to represent you fully or assist you with the application and bid writing process in the background. 

Our consultants are highly expert in all areas of the submissions process, from researching trust and foundation prospects suitable for your project to writing your case for support and tailoring bids to meet a trusts’ priorities, to making initial contact or answering questions. 


We are there for you, whether that is for assistance with who to approach or to see applications through to the end, supporting visits and securing the funds.

Why use Orchard Fundraising?

We have worked with numerous trusts and foundations across the country with significant success. 


We are seasoned players in applying to the right trusts and foundations and our successes speak for themselves. Read our case studies for trust and foundation funding here and find out what our clients say about us.

Trust and foundation funding for St Philip and St James in Leckhampton church renovation project

The church of St Philip and St James in Leckhampton,  Cheltenham is a modern, vibrant worshipping community, committed to serving their neighbours locally. 

Are you looking to gain funding from trusts or foundations? To bridge a funding gap or to fund a new initiative? We are here to help.

Please do get in touch with us to discuss your needs and how we can help you with the best way forward for your organisation.

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