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Corporate Sponsorship

We research, evaluate and fully support you in choosing and gaining the best corporate sponsorship for your organisation.

What is corporate sponsorship?

Corporate sponsorship is working with a business that can help your organisation financially.  However, corporate sponsorship isn’t limited to just financial help.


There are many other opportunities that both you and your corporate sponsor can benefit from a successful sponsorship relationship.

corporate sponsorship agreement
corporate sponsorship

How can corporate sponsorship help us?

Corporate sponsorship can inject money into your organisation which will help you reach your goals.

It can also increase levels of awareness of your organisation through a company’s audience and contacts, which can act as an excellent marketing tool.


Staff may offer to volunteer and provide professional expertise for your cause and there may be opportunities for a corporate sponsor to donate products that benefit your work or fundraising.

Working with a corporate sponsor can mean that other businesses hear about your work and are willing to help. All this increases your audience reach, results in positive publicity and greater social media profile.

How we can help you achieve this

We will work with you to ensure that your organisation has a clear and strong brand message with your values at its heart.


We will identify potential corporate sponsorships which align with your core values and thoroughly research each company.  


We will work with you to develop a detailed corporate sponsorship proposition and package, helping you deliver this to your identified prospects.

corporate sponsorship application

What is it that we will do to help you

Our team of fundraising consultants are at hand to help you with each part of the process. We bring our experience and expertise to the table to ensure you get the best corporate sponsor for your organisation.

Corporate sponsorship is about building a mutually beneficial relationship and ensuring that the companies you work with understand the benefits a partnership offers.  


We will help identify sponsorship priorities, present your case and give companies measurable results, whether that is engaging their staff and the community, a greater media and social profile, better customer relationships or more business opportunities.  


We will ensure that your corporate sponsorship proposition is detailed enough to give the sponsor all the information they need to make an informed decision.

We aim to be there every step of the way, helping you secure successful corporate sponsorships and fulfilling your organisations' commitments.


Is a corporate sponsorship right for you?

Most organisations we work with benefit from successful corporate sponsorship as part of a sustainable, mixed, fundraising strategy.  Over time, you can achieve rewarding, long-term results from corporate partnerships.

If you are unsure whether a corporate sponsorship is right for you or how to go about putting together a corporate sponsorship package for your organisation, then please do get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we can help you with the best way forward for you.


Corporate Sponsorship Case Study

Establishing 'The Rich’s Partnership' at Sir Thomas Rich's Grammar School

Sir Thomas Rich’s School was looking for ways to build closer links

with the business community and raise much-needed funds for the school when they approached Orchard Fundraising.


“Thanks for all your help with this Sam.” 

  George Angell - Commercial Lead at Sir Thomas Rich’s School

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