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Case Study

Over £100k raised for Newent Association for the Disabled

How Orchard Fundraising helped Newent Association for the Disabled survive the pandemic

When Covid-19 hit, none of us could predict what an impact it was going to have on society. The
Third Sector reported that over 40% of charities and community groups reported a worsening
financial situation since the crisis hit. Small charities such as Newent Association for the Disabled
who provide a daycare centre, charity shop and community transport service, were hugely impacted
during the crisis.

Newent Association for the Disabled’s services which are based in Gloucester, were badly affected. Their daycare centre closed, meaning that 75 elderly, disabled and vulnerable people no longer had weekly human contact they relied on. This was devastating to many who were otherwise isolated and lonely at home.

The Community transport service was also heavily affected, as Newent had to reduce its service like
many other community transport services across the country. This compounded the problem for
many people who live in rural areas and had no other means of transport to get to the local town, to
the shops, or to attend essential medical appointments.

Charity shops have also been hit hard by the pandemic having to close along with all retail. The
Shambles, a charity shop based in the centre of Newent and is a community hub, was also affected.
The shop’s income was been significantly reduced, but the impact was much wider than this. The
volunteers missed working at the shop and interacting with people. Also, the local community was
unable to visit the community hub a meeting place, where they could socialise and interact with
others, reducing feelings of isolation.

Orchard Fundraising’s action plan

Orchard Fundraising was able to act quickly and work with Newent Association for the Disabled to
devise a ‘Covid-19 Response Action Plan’ putting their clients and the wider vulnerable community
at its heart. Essential funding was needed to ensure the plan could be actioned and Orchard
Fundraising created a compelling funding bid and developed a plan for researching and applying to
trusts and foundations to support the charities work.

Orchard Fundraising’s in-depth research skills meant they were able to identify trusts and
foundations that were offering Covid-19 response funding, secure funding by building relationships
with the funders and highlighting the importance and immediacy of the charity’s situation.
Orchard Fundraisings knowledge and experience enabled the charity to very quickly start raising the funds the charity required to deliver its plan.

More than £100K raised!


With Orchard Fundraisings help, Newent Association for the Disabled were able to raise over £100,000 within a year, providing them with the funds to help reduce the loneliness of self-isolation and offer practical support to the elderly, disabled and vulnerable in the local community.


This made a time of fear and uncertainty more bearable for those that are most at risk, ensuring they are not forgotten and left to fend for themselves. The funds raised encouraged some of the most vulnerable people to stay at home, reducing infection rates and preventing illness, potential hospitalisation and the significant risk of early death.

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"Orchard Fundraising has assisted us with Trust and Foundation fundraising over the past year, their approach has been incredibly professional, supportive and knowledgeable - helping us raise over £100,000 for our services.  2020 has been a difficult year due to Covid-19, but with Orchard Fundraising's support we were able to develop a Covid-19 response and recovery plan helping us build back some of our lost income."


- Lyndon Biddle -  Newent Association for the Disabled

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