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Educational Institutes

We are expert at working with staff, alumni and parents, to establish and accelerate fundraising in educational institutions.

Fundraising in the education sector is more needed than ever. With continued real term government funding cuts, educational organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to offer the quality of education and extracurricular activities they would so desperately like to deliver to their students. 

Orchard Fundraising has worked successfully with a number of schools, colleges and universities to help develop their fundraising capacity and deliver income for various projects over the past decade. Our reputation speaks for itself, here are just some of our case studies in the educational sector.

Our Approach

We have over a decade of experience, working with schools, colleges and universities, delivering cost-effective and sustainable income streams.


We develop these income streams according to the needs and aspirations of the organisation, and by combining our experience with the skills and commitment of staff and parents. We work  by developing a mix of income streams including the following:


  • Alumni Association establishment and growth

  • Parental and regular giving

  • Trust and Foundation research and applications

  • Major Donor approaches (Read our case study here)

  • Capital Campaigns (Read our case study here)

  • Supporting statutory bids

  • Corporate partnerships  (Read our case study here)


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