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Case Study


Sir Thomas Rich's Capital Appeal Campaign


Orchard Fundraising raises £120,000 for science laboratories modernisation project at Sir Thomas Rich's Grammar School.

Sir Thomas Rich’s Grammar School based in Longlevens, Gloucester desperately needed to modernise the schools three science laboratories, which had been in place since the 1960s.


The three laboratories had numerous problems: They were cramped and poorly laid out which was affecting student learning and enjoyment. The layout reduced student’s visibility of the teacher and provided insufficient desk space for practical work to be undertaken. In addition, old fixtures and fittings, sensors and vital data loggers were in short supply or faulty. 


The facilities were no longer adequate for teaching the modern curriculum and pupil needs. To address these problems and improve the learning environment for the students, it was clear that a complete refurbishment was required.

​Orchard Fundraising was called in to assist with raising the capital that was required. We focused on trusts and foundations which had an interest in STEM education and community outreach. We researched the trusts and foundations thoroughly and quickly identified those that we knew would be highly likely to support our client in this type of project.

We prepared an extensive case for support, wrote tailored proposals and submitted these to the relevant trusts and foundations. We were pleased with the success of our proposals and the school gained a substantial amount of capital towards the project. Funding from these organisations played a major role in the execution and success of the project.


An earlier parental survey, following government funding cuts, indicated that the majority of parents were keen to donate and raise funds towards STEM projects in the school. Bearing this in mind, we encouraged interested parents to match trust and foundation funding pledges, ensuring this money was secured.  The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) also focussed their fundraising on the campaign and made a £10,000 contribution towards the refurbishment.


​In total, combining support from trusts, foundations, parents and the PTA, £120,000 was raised to modernise the science laboratories. From our initial conversations to secured funding, it took six months. This included project and funding research, submitting proposals, liaison with trusts and foundations, developing parental appeal materials and discussion with parents and staff.


The new laboratories are used primarily for the school’s students. They are also used for onsite teacher training which can now be executed in a modern scientific environment; the community and by local primary school pupils during the holidays and for outreach science days. A fantastic result and one we are delighted to have utilised our expertise in.



“Thanks for all your help with this Sam.”


- George Angell - Commercial Lead at Sir Thomas Rich’s School


Our trusts and foundations funding has helped numerous organisations from schools, universities, churches and many other smaller charities. We have helped many organisations successfully in gaining large amounts to either bridge funding gaps or fully fund initiatives and are highly experienced within this area. 


If you have a project which you need to help with through accessing funding from trusts and foundations then please do get in touch with us.

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