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Orchard Fundraising secure a million-pound gift for Hartpury College and University

We are thrilled to share the news about our most recent work. Securing a £1,000,000 endowment from the John Oldacre Foundation for Hartpury College and University has been the talk of the office here at Orchard Fundraising. Our consultants have worked incredibly hard and the hard work has paid off.

How the funding will be used

This gift has enabled Hartpury to launch two new scholarship schemes to provide financial support to more students studying degrees in agriculture.

Hartpury College students progressing from a diploma to an undergraduate degree in agriculture at Hartpury University will be eligible to apply for a John Oldacre Scholarship for each academic year of study of their degree.

Hartpury University graduates studying for a PhD will be eligible to apply for the John Oldacre Research Scholarship in an area of promising agricultural research.

The John Oldacre Foundation provides financial support for the advancement and promotion, for the public benefit, of research and education in agricultural sciences, including the publication of significant findings.

Hartpury expresses their gratitude

Russell Marchant, Vice-Chancellor of Hartpury University and Principal of Hartpury College, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to receive the John Oldacre Foundation’s exceptional gift of £1 million.

Through funding scholarships, this extremely generous donation will allow more students to follow their passion and continue their education on our agricultural courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

On behalf of all students and staff at Hartpury, I’d like to express our considerable gratitude to the John Oldacre Foundation for this outstanding gift and for allowing us the privilege of continuing John Oldacre’s original wishes to support agriculture education and research.”

Henry Shouler, the Chair of the Trustees of John Oldacre Foundation, said:

“The Trustees are very pleased to have entered into a partnership with Hartpury University and Hartpury College, which ensures John Oldacre’s legacy is maintained through the research and experience of scholarship recipients at Hartpury.”

How we feel about obtaining the funding

Our director and principal fundraising consultant Samantha Watson said:

“It has been a pleasure to work with The John Oldacre Foundation and Hartpury to secure this exceptional gift to progress the outstanding work Hartpury College and Hartpury University do in agricultural education.”

We have also been involved in Hartpury's other projects where later on in the year, Hartpury is due to open its £2 million Agri-Tech Centre. The Agri-Tech Centre will utilise and demonstrate the latest smart farming techniques and illustrate the importance and impact of science and technology in agriculture.

Keep in touch with Orchard Fundraising to see what else we have been busy working on. 

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Photo and article credit to Hartpury marketing team

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